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Be Brave! Track Down London Museum “Escapees”!

Families are encouraged to look out for some giant footprints in Lincoln’s streets this weekend and follow them if they dare!

Date: 12th Jul '19
  • Watch out for these giant Dinosaur Feet!

Lincoln BIG is laying scores of paw-prints and those brave enough to follow their trail will come face-to-face with some fantastic prehistoric creatures who are starring in a special Summertime exhibition.

Giant reptiles and their cousins have “escaped” from London’s Natural History Museum and are now being held captive in the thrilling Dinosaur Encounter in The Collection. And, they will be staying at the Lincoln museum from  Saturday June 13 to Sunday, September 8.

The exhibition is packed with a riveting display of dinosaur models and animatronics, fossil replicas and a not-to-be-missed snorting T-Rex.  Families will find themselves quickly transported back in time to when dinosaurs really did rule the land.

Lincoln BIG is helping families to get on the trail of this dino-mite event, which promises to be the perfect treat for families during the school holidays.

Lincoln BIG Operations Manager Richard Baxter said: “We decided it would be a great idea to lay a trail of quirky dino-footprints leading people to The Collection and these will be popping-up all over the city over the weekend!”

James Sharples from The Collection said: "Designers and scientists from the Natural History Museum worked closely together to create scientifically-accurate dinosaurs with an unprecedented level of realism.

"These life-like dinosaurs will give visitors a thrilling glimpse of these incredible creatures during a fun, inspiring and educational experience. Book those tickets now!”

Tickets for Dinosaur Encounter are £7.50 for adults, £6.50 for concessions and £5 for children. Family tickets are also available for £20.

For more information and to book your tickets, visit