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Celebrating a Successful Vote!

It’s a YES! Lincoln BIG is today celebrating success in its latest re-ballot which gave the not-for-profit organisation the green light to continue supporting its 800 levy payers for another five years.

Date: 6th Nov '19
  • Lincoln BIG celebrates a YES vote

It means that the Business Improvement Group, which provides a diverse range of about 40 support services, can look forward to delivering the exciting raft of pledges outlined in its Business Plan for 2020-2025.

It will do that by spending just over £1 million a year (made-up of levy payers’ monies and other income generated).

Lincoln BIG’s ecstatic Chief Executive Sarah Loftus said: “I’m thrilled that city businesses and organisations have given us a clear mandate to continue our work.  The majority obviously appreciate the support that Lincoln BIG has been providing over the past five years.

“We believe that we are making a real difference, but for our reballot to succeed, we needed more than a simple majority vote in favour – that vote had to represent the wide range of rateable values of levy payers’ premises.  This is a brilliant outcome.”

The ballot revealed:

80 per cent of voting businesses said YES

Together they represented a total Rateable Value of £20,381,150

There was a 49.15 per cent turnout.

“Before we drew-up our 2020-2025 Business Plan, we thought hard about the kinds of support Lincoln BIG is already offering levy payers,  considered the current economic climate and then asked businesses and organisations what sort of support they wanted from us in the years ahead,” said Sarah.

“This exercise helped us to come-up with three clear priorities – based on WELCOME, EXPERIENCE and VALUE. We want Lincoln to be well-managed and welcoming, to offer all visitors a great experience and to give our levy payers superb value for money, to help the city centre to remain competitive and sustainable.

“We have five actions for delivery in each category. As part of our Welcome, we will maintain our warden and street management service, support the night-time economy, grow our security and safety support and develop initiatives to brighten the city’s streets.

“Under the banner of Experience, we will deliver quality events, help to animate the city, act to raise Lincoln’s profile as a great shopping destination, manage public spaces and work with our partners to ensure visitors leave having had a quality experience.

“And when it comes to value, we are determined to continue promoting our BIG Bus and Car Park Deals, develop joint initiatives and cost-saving exercises with partners, do what we can to ensure easy access to the city centre, manage the Park and Ride Service and promote Lincoln’s uniqueness and identity.

“So, once again, I want to thank all levy payers who voted for us.  The team at Lincoln BIG is really looking forward to making a visible difference in the years ahead and one that helps our levy payers to achieve more success,” added Sarah.

The result of Lincoln BIG’s reballot was announced after its Annual General Meeting at Home Nightclub, in Park Street, Lincoln.