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Charter of the Forest Birch Trees to be Replanted

Silver birch trees, which featured in the crowd-pulling Lincoln Knights' Trail, are to be given pride of place in a special therapeutic garden for young people.

Date: 17th Nov '17

The eight trees which flanked the Charter of The Forest Knight – which stood in front of the old BHS outlet in the city's High Street during the Summer – are being replanted in The OASIS, within Cherry Fields – a community leisure area at Cherry Willingham.

Today, organiser of the Lincoln Knights' Trail, Lincoln BIG revealed it has donated the trees to Worth Unlimited Lincolnshire, which helps young people to develop socially, physically and emotionally in order to achieve their full potential.

And, fittingly, it is a group of 15 young people, who are part of a cohort of more than 60 taking part in the National Citizen Service (NCS) Autumn programme – managed by The EBP - who will be digging in and doing the planting.

They will be replanting the trees tomorrow (Saturday, November 18) at The OASIS, which sits in the centre of Cherry Fields and which is managed by Worth Unlimited.

It is a place where young people can relax, enjoy gardening and take time for reflection.

Worth Unlimited Lincolnshire Director Alison Merryman said: “We approached Lincoln BIG to ask about the trees and we were very grateful to be given them.  We are hosting the NCS group on Saturdays throughout November and we delighted that participants on this scheme are doing the replanting.

“These trees will greatly enhance our wildlife/quiet area, where the young people which our organisation helps, can go to unwind, be still and/or receive a listening ear as they talk out issues of importance to them.

Lincoln BIG Chief Executive Matt Corrigan said: “We were delighted to donate the silver birch trees to such a good cause.  The trees gave lots of pleasure to shoppers and visitors during the Summer and it is good to know they are going to a community project.

“It is especially fitting that they are being replanted at The Oasis during the 800th anniversary year of the signing of The Charter of the Forest, which can be seen in the Magna Carta vault at Lincoln Castle – and also in the same month as the launch of the new Charter for Trees, Woods & People took place at the Castle.”