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Company’s Move Is In Line With BIG Priority

Levy payer Stokes Tea & Coffee is rolling out an initiative which perfectly complements one of Lincoln BIG's priorities - to make the city cleaner and more eco-friendly.

Date: 14th Aug '19
  • Bucketful of coffee beans

Following a highly-successful trial with Pennells Garden Centre and the Lincoln Cathedral Refectory, the business is promoting its re-usable bucket scheme across the Lincoln area.

And, any business which shares Stokes commitment to sustainability and recycling is invited to join the scheme.

The initiative has been introduced to allow customers to order coffee, without the plastic packaging, cardboard box and plastic tape.

Stokes Business Growth Manager Samantha Pover said: “Although the cost to the customer is reduced via this method, it has been introduced to allow our customers to be more conscious of plastic waste and give them the opportunity to reduce their plastic waste and packaging.

“We have also been mindful to ensure that the buckets themselves are recyclable, along with the seal around the bucket which is made from Kraft paper and is solvent free.”

Coffee is being supplied in 2kg buckets (for a minimum order of 6kg - normal box size). Larger orders in excess of 28kg can be supplied in larger 4kg buckets and 28kg and above qualify for larger discounts.  A deposit scheme is being put in place to ensure the maintenance of the buckets.

Lincoln BIG Chief Executive Sarah Loftus said:  “One of BIG's main priorities for the coming months is to do what it can to make the Lincoln cleaner, more welcoming and, of course, more eco-friendly.  Stokes’ scheme certainly fits in with that.”