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Don’t Miss the Lincoln Knights

Summer’s speeding by and there’s less than three weeks to go before the 36 “stars” of the much-loved Lincoln Knights Trail gallop off on their next assignments - a reunion and an auction.

Date: 23rd Aug '17

Organiser Lincoln BIG and its partner Visit Lincoln, today urged county residents and visitors to squeeze every last ounce out of the school holidays by tracking down all of the knights, who will only be “guarding” the city’s streets until September 3.

Parents are encouraged to join their children on a special Quest, to discover words hidden on each Knight. Youngsters who complete this challenge will be rewarded with a badge and a certificate. There’s also the chance to buy a cost-price copy of the children’s book 2017: The Battle of Lincoln.

Families are also encouraged to hunt down the 45 “half-sized” sculptures in the Knights’ Education Trail, and marvel that the many ways in which they have been decorated by schoolchildren.

The sculptures can be found at eight “indoor” locations – Museum of Lincolnshire Life, Lincoln Castle, Lincoln Cathedral, The Collection, Usher Gallery, Lincoln Central Library, Waterside Shopping Centre and The Nomad Trust Shop.

They will come together in a reunion at the Waterside Shopping Centre from September 5 to 27.  

Aspiring young knights can also have a great time making swords and shields, designing their own coat of arms, going on treasure hunts and much much more, by checking in at Knights’ Central in the Cornhill – opposite The Knight of the Forest sculpture (until September 3). Holiday fun is guaranteed!

Now, there is even an extra “secret” knight to track down – thanks to an augmented reality app, developed by the University of Lincoln in collaboration with Lincoln BIG.

On September 4, the “stars” of our Knights’ Trail will leave the city’s streets – but that’s far from the end of the story.

Lincoln Knights' Reunion

Each sculpture, has been generously sponsored by a business, college, university or organisation, and they will be coming together again, for the Lincoln Knights’ Reunion, which is being staged in the grounds of Lincoln Castle. People will be able to see them for FREE from September 20 to 27, between 10am and 5pm.

Lincoln Visitor Centre Manager Michele Sims said: “We will be having a merchandise stall at the Reunion, offering visitors a superb opportunity to buy Lincoln Knights’ Trail collectables, including mini “paint your own” knights and a copy of the Lincoln Knights’ Trail souvenir guide (£5). Funds raised through sales of the Guide will be donated to The Nomad Trust.”

Lincoln Knights' Auction

Lincoln BIG Chief Executive Matt Corrigan said: “The Lincoln Knights’ Trail is proving to be a fantastic centerpiece for the city’s 800th Anniversary of The Battle of Lincoln and the Sealing of the Charter of the Forest celebrations.

“The Knights will soon face their most important test, so they will be going to a secret location to be spruced-up, so that they will look their best when we bring them together at Lincoln Castle for their final reunion, prior to the exciting Lincoln Knights’ Auction in Lincoln Cathedral on Saturday, September 30.

 “We hope that eager buyers will be ready to dig deep to ensure that they are successful in getting their favourite Knight – which they will be able to keep.

“Two-thirds of the money raised at this unique auction will go to The Nomad Trust, for a special building project to help the homeless and the remaining third will be used to kickstart a new Art & Innovation Fund for Lincoln.”

Tickets for the unmissable Lincoln Knights’ Trail Auction are now on sale on the Visit Lincoln website.

They are priced at £15, to include a drink and canapés on arrival at 6.45pm. 

Photo: Light & Dreams Photography


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