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Fun Trails for families and couples!

Date: 14th Apr '21

Free, safe, accessible and contactless fun trails for everyone!

As High Streets open once more this April, Lincoln BIG are keenly aware that people will want to look for fun activities that are safe, socially distanced and contactless. As part of a programme of events, they’ve teamed up QR code trail experts High Street Safari to create two free, interactive trails that are designed to encourage people to enjoy walking around the city centre, and most importantly, have a lot of fun.  


Fun for Families

The Secret Carnival Family Trail launching on Monday 19th April 2021 is positioned around Lincoln city centre with 10 carnival characters, like Harlequin, the cheeky jester. The trail takes about 45 minutes to complete but can be completed in more than one visit. It’s completely free for families and groups to take part in and they win a personalised, digital ‘selfie storybook’ at the end.

To create their ‘selfie storybooks’ families need to practice their acting chops as they take funny ‘scene’ selfies along the trail, with directions like ‘look amazed’ or ‘look curious’. Then, once they complete the trail, their selfies are then embedded directly into the book pages as part of the story. The book tells readers about the day their family went on a tour of the secret carnival - so they become stars of the story and get a wonderful keepsake.

The trail works by utilising contactless QR codes, without the need for families to download or sign up to anything. With safety in mind, it has been designed so that there is no need to go inside the venues, but some participating businesses are offering extra incentives to come in while you visit.

When families in Lincoln scan each character’s unique QR code they’ll learn their names and what their role is in the carnival. Younger children will enjoy spotting the colourful characters in shop windows and older kids, and grown-up ones, will engage by hearing the stories.

Lee Roberts, Operations Manager for Lincoln BIG, said, “We ran two trails like these in 2020 and have just been blown away at the response considering the difficult climate on the high street. If something fun like this can help make families feel confident about going back out onto the high street in a safe way and supporting local businesses, then we’ve done our jobs.”

To find out more about the trail, visit the website:


Dr Cupid's Couples' Trail

Want to rekindle your romance? See if she’s the one? Test if that bloke you’ve lived with for years knows anything about you?

Launching on Monday 19th April 2021, find out on this make-out or break-up trail! Couples in Lincoln are invited to take part in this romantic, funny and free event. Visit each of the 10 locations to scan the QR codes, take selfies and answer funny questions. Finally tally your results and decide your partner’s fate...

Start the trail by going to and visiting any of the questions. As you stop at each question you’ll be able to answer with your partner and take special selfies.

To take part simply:

Visit the website to see the trail map

2.   Visit each of the questions and see the funny cartoons

3.   Scan their QR codes with your smartphone to see the questions and take your ‘scene selfie’.

4.   When you’ve visited them all, tally your results and decide your partner’s fate!

By completing the trail you will be entered into a national draw for your chance to win £5,000 to spend on your loved one… or yourself!