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Passageway To Be Closed Off in July

Iron gates to close a city centre passageway – which has acted as a magnet for drug-takers, used as a toilet and area for rubbish – should be in place at the start of July.

Date: 24th Jun '19

Lincoln BIG, which has been given the green light by city planners to erect gates at each end of St Peter’s Passage, which runs between House of Fraser and Blacks in High Street, today confirmed these have been ordered. 

Lincoln BIG Operations Manager Richard Baxter said the gates - which will feature a Fleur-de-lis design and which are costing £4,000 - are now in the process of being made to fit each end of the passageway. 

"Businesses and individuals have been complaining about the state of this alleyway for about four years and 26 businesses in the High Street signed a petition to have it closed off, following evidence of anti-social behaviour, discarded needles and its use as a toilet," he said. 

"We are aiming to have the gates fitted at the beginning of July, before the start of the school holidays," he added. 

In the future Lincoln BIG and the City of Lincoln Council will share the upkeep of the passageway.”