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Planning for a Successful Future for Steampunk Festival

We are looking forward to welcoming back The Asylum Steampunk Festival in 2019.

Date: 29th Aug '18

After a bumper Bank Holiday weekend saw hundreds of thousands of fans from at home and abroad descend on the city for the 10 th Asylum Steampunk Festival the Business Improvement Group has already met organiser John Naylor to talk about the next one!

Lincoln BIG Chief Executive Matt Corrigan said: “The Steampunk weekend is hugely important to the local economy, bringing a boost for local shopkeepers and attracting extra visitors.

“After a decade of successful steampunk events, which are attracting more interest year-on-year, we are positive about this remaining a major highlight in the city’s events calendar, which is why we have been talking to the organiser to explore ways of working together to secure its longer-term future in Lincoln.

“Given the complexity of an event on this scale and the number of venues involved, it will take a little while before an announcement can be made.”

Organiser John Naylor said: “The festival organisers are very happy to work with Lincoln BIG, the City Council and the County Council to find the best way to take the event forward, for the mutual benefit of steampunks and the City.

“This year’s event was a huge success and we would like to look forward to many more in Lincoln if the people and businesses of the city want us to be there and can help us make it work.”