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Shop Lincoln Website Launched

A new website had been launched in time for Christmas to tempt more people into Lincoln to shop.

Date: 20th Oct '14

Lincoln BIG has invested thousands of pounds in the site which seeks to highlight the diversity and range of retailers in the city.

Every single retail business that pays the Lincoln BIG levy is featured on the site,, which went live last week.

The site is seen as a very positive step for smaller, independent, shops – many of whom struggle to maintain or afford their own website.

Around £25,000 has been invested in the site and the database that sits behind it, with 60 per cent of that total secured by Lincoln BIG from European Regional Development Funding.

The Shop Lincoln website has been designed to offer shopping information to local residents and 50,000 users of the Visit Lincoln website through links and integrated content and it will be widely marketed and promoted by Lincoln BIG to raise local and regional awareness of Lincoln as a shopping destination. 

The site will not only give descriptions and locations for all businesses but will also feature special offers and vouchers and give travel information.

It is also mobile friendly so can be used on smartphones and tablets whilst in the City Centre and has its own social media channels.

“The Shop Lincoln site is one of the ways that Lincoln BIG helps to support the retail sector in Lincoln, giving further online presence to every business,” said Lincoln BIG’s chief executive Matt Corrigan.

“Lincoln’s unique offer of independent shops and boutiques alongside high street fashion brands sets it apart from other regional shopping destinations so we hope to reflect that on the Shop Lincoln website to draw more potential shoppers into Lincoln City  Centre.

“The website aims to offer a rounded experience of shopping in Lincoln – whether you’re shopping for men, women, children, technology, health products or anything else – and to show the diverse range of retail on offer.

“We hope that people will also use the website on their mobile devices to find where to go next or to see what offers and deals are available in the city.”

Lincoln BIG has also offered retailers a series of workshops and training sessions on how to use new media to promote their business.

This month 800 businesses in the city are being given the opportunity to decide on the future of Lincoln BIG – with ballot papers on whether to give the organisation another five years sent out at the end of September.

Those levy payers will have until November 4 to register their vote.

Lincoln Business Improvement Group has already won two successful elections in the past ten years and is now hoping it will get a mandate to continue its work on the development of the City Centre economy.