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UK Premiere of George Boole Film to Take Place in Lincoln

George Boole, the pioneering English mathematician whose work laid the foundations for the digital age, is to be celebrated in a new documentary film narrated by Oscar-winning actor Jeremy Irons.

Date: 20th Oct '15

The documentary will be premiered in the UK on 25 October during Frequency 2015, Lincoln’s festival of digital culture, just a few days before the bicentenary of Boole’s birth - ‘George Boole Day’- is celebrated on 2 November 2015.

Filmed in Ireland (Cork), the UK and US, this 58 minute film shines new light on the life, work and legacy of a man whose role in the digital revolution is not widely known.

Born in Lincoln, George Boole was an English mathematician, philosopher and logician. He worked in the fields of differential equations and algebraic logic, and is best known as the author of The Mathematical Analysis of Logic (1847) and An Investigation of the Laws of Thought (1854).

His algebra of logic, now called Boolean algebra, forms the basis of today’s computer languages and electronic circuitry. Much of the ‘new mathematics’ now studied by children in school – set theory, binary numbers and Boolean algebra - has its origins in Boole’s work.

Produced by multi award-winning Oxford Film and Television, and commissioned by University College Cork, The Genius of George Boole assembles industry leaders and academics from across the globe to explore the life and importance of one of the scientific world’s greatest unsung heroes, exploring the huge impact of his work on technology today.

The UK premiere is presented at The Collection, Lincoln, in partnership with The University of Lincoln and Threshold Studios as part of Frequency Festival of Digital Culture 2015.

Virginia Teehan, Director of Cultural Projects, University College Cork comments: “In the film The Genius of George Boole, we set out to tell Boole's story through his legacy - the digital world, and that legacy is now all around us. Through his work, Boole was searching for universal truths which he expressed through mathematics. He expressed values that reflect the cosmos, including orderliness, balance, harmony, logic, and abstract beauty. He didn't know how his research would be applied, and he certainly didn't expect to be one of the founders of the greatest modern movement since the Industrial Revolution. This humble, self-taught man, changed our world.”

Canon Dr Mark Hocknull, Chancellor of Lincoln and Visiting Senior Fellow in History of Science in the University of Lincoln comments: "In his lifetime, George Boole was a prominent and much-loved citizen of Lincoln who contributed a great deal to the life of the city. He published his book The Laws of Thought while he was Professor of Mathematics in Cork, but he did much of the foundational thinking and work for the book while he was living here in Lincoln. It's a real joy that in his bicentenary year this film will bring Boole back to his home city. He is still relatively unknown, even here, and perhaps this screening will help to give Boole the recognition he deserves."

Uzma Johal, co-director of Frequency 15 and Threshold Studios comments: “George Boole’s work underpins our entire digital culture, so we are over the moon to be presenting the UK premiere of this important and timely film at a digital arts festival in his home city of Lincoln. Boole deserves far greater recognition, and Frequency is committed to reaching and engaging as wide an audience as possible, so it feels like the perfect opportunity to celebrate his legacy.”

You can find out more about George Boole on the Visit Lincoln website. See details about the film premiere, including booking, on the Visit Lincoln website. You can also follow a trail through Lincoln of George Boole's life using the Visit Lincoln digital trails.