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What We Do

Lincoln BIG aims to put Lincoln on the map as a retail and tourist destination and improve the experience of the city centre for those who visit, live and work in the city.

Our basic philosophy is that by improving people’s experience of the city centre, they will stay longer, visit more often and it will make the city centre a better place to do business. 

Our Annual Report for 2019-2020 (available for download from the link opposite)  will give you a picture of the range of activities we have undertaken across the year.

Find out more on the links below.

Lincoln IMP Trail

Due to Covid-19, the IMP Trail is now planned to hit our streets in Spring 2021!

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City's green spaces

Open Spaces

Lincoln has a wealth of tourist attractions, from the world famous Cathedral and Castle...

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Great Magna Carta Weekend

Lincoln Creates

The Lincoln Creates fund is a £50,000 pot of money which is designed to support new...

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Collaboration 4 Growth

Collaboration 4 Growth offers a grant scheme and business support for micro, small, or...

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Lincoln 1940s Day

Great Events

Lincoln BIG establishes events to animate the city centre and create buzz and...

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Buses in Lincoln

An Accessible City

Lincoln BIG is working to make access to the city centre, for workers, shoppers and...

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Great Shopping

Lincoln BIG supports the city's retail sector all year round with a number of...

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Daytime Security Manager

Safety and Security

Lincoln BIG works with businesses around the city centre to ensure a safe and secure...

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A safe night out at Bar '67.

A Great Night Out

Lincoln BIG's evening economy programme brings together interested partners and aims to...

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Wardens at work

Clean, Bright and Welcoming

Lincoln BIG works to make the city a welcoming place. Our team of wardens pro-actively...

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A Great Place to do Business

Lincoln BIG actively supports employers and employees in Lincoln city centre to maintain...

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