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A Great Night Out

Lincoln BIG's evening economy programme brings together interested partners and aims to co-ordinate a range of initiatives to ensure a safe, vibrant and accessible city at night.

  • A safe night out at Bar '67.
  • Purple Flag
  • Street Pastors on the streets of Lincoln.
  • Vibrant club nights at The Engine Shed.

Co-ordinating Security

Lincoln has the bonus of an Evening Economy Manager, employed by Lincoln BIG, who manages and co-ordinates partner agencies and all involved in the Night-time economy. This is a 24/7 service, and can be accessed through the website or contacting the manager directly.

Membership to one of our two professionally run ‘Pubwatch’ schemes is offered to city centre venues and uphill venues as part of the Night-time Package. Meetings are held every 6 to 8 weeks with a 24/7 access to the online DISC system and an app to accompany the site so the information can be accessed on the move.

Pubwatch Banning notices can be issued to offenders if a majority vote is given, preventing them from entering Licensed Premises. This can be tracked on the DISC system which is updated after every Pubwatch meeting. Individuals who continue to break Pubwatch Banning Notices can be put forward to the City of Lincoln Council Anti-Social Behaviour Team.

An encrypted radio system is also available from Lincoln BIG. This gives direct access to CCTV staff, Street Pastors, Door Staff and other venues that operate a radio, for less than £4 a week. Free radio training is also offered to all venues, their staff and the door security companies that work there. Contact the EEM, Marion Cooney via email ​ for details.


Street Pastors

Street Pastors operate in the City Centre on Saturday nights and the last Friday of every month between the hours of 10:30pm and 3:30am, plus Bank Holiday Sundays. They are on hand to call the appropriate services if needed and help people get a taxi home, contact friends and family, be a listening ear and even just chat with people. They carry bottles of water, flip-flops, space blankets and tissues and are First Aid trained. The team out on patrol have direct contact to CCTV control room via their radios, as well as carrying mobile phones.

In association with EMAS Lincoln BIG have placed defibrillators in various locations throughout the city in bars and hotels. The 'defibs' are very easy to use and have already been instrumental in saving lives.