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An Accessible City

Lincoln BIG is working to make access to the city centre, for workers, shoppers and visitors alike, easier and more affordable.

  • Buses in Lincoln
  • Car parking in Lincoln

Lincoln BIG recognises that access and car parking are key issues for city centre businesses. Despite not owning land itself Lincoln BIG has worked hard to develop creative solutions to improve access to the city centre for workers, shoppers and visitors.  This includes a number of direct initiatives to make a real difference to people’s experience of working and visiting the city centre.

The Lincoln BIG board continues to lobby for the introduction of Park and Ride. We feel this is an essential access component in a historic city such as Lincoln which will be vital to the success of the Lincoln Castle revealed investment. We are also working with the Chamber of Commerce and local MPs to promote better rail access to the city.

Travel Support

Through our Access Opportunities Fund we have continued to negotiate the bulk purchase of car parking in the city centre’s less pressured car parks and resell these to our levy payers, we also purchase cheaper bus passes for resale.  These initiatives continue to be very successful, with over 300 daily commuters using season tickets sold at these discounted rates.

We have also carried out work to promote cycling including the provision of cycle lockers and pooled electric bikes for city centre businesses and their employees to use.