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City Spaces: Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions of booking a city centre space with Lincoln BIG.

Only up to three promotions at any one time are booked on Cornhill to ensure that there is still room for the public to walk through and engage with the companies hiring the area. Cornhill is often booked out for promotions in August and December.

Electricity is available at a cost of £15 + VAT per day.  Generators are not permitted on the site unless with prior agreement from ourselves.

The areas are within a pedestrian-only restriction between the hours of 10am and 4pm so there is no vehicle movement during this time.  For a vehicle or driving school promotion we would allow a gazebo/trailer promotion along with a maximum of two vehicles which are branded with your logo/information.  For all other promotions, vehicles are not allowed to be left on site, unless it is a crucial part of your promotion and with prior permission.

There is no exchange of money/sale of anything permitted on site.  You can sign people up, take details, promote, etc, but you must not trade or exchange money.

There is no use of amplification equipment allowed without prior agreement (which would only be given for events on the site which included entertainment and would come under a different licence).

Spaces are subject to availability, therefore, advanced booking is advised but not essential.

Licences only cover you for use of the area – this is NOT an entertainment licence, PRS licence or similar.  For this you would need to apply directly to the relevant authority.

For more information or to discuss your ideas or arrange a site visit, please contact the Lincoln BIG Team via email: or 01522 545233.

City Spaces Guidelines

Lincoln BIG tries to ensure that marketing activity does not have an adverse impact upon the environment or upon other people going about their normal business.  We are part-funded by local businesses to improve the City Centre, therefore whatever activity we allow in the area must not affect them or cause inconvenience to local shoppers.

We would therefore request the following:

  1. No vehicles may be parked on Cornhill unless directly involved in the promotion and with prior permission.
  2. This is a pedestrian area from 10am to 4pm so absolutely no vehicle movement is allowed between these times.
  3. Information should be given in a courteous way. 
  4. Remain within the newly paved area of Cornhill so you do not cause obstruction or inconvenience to pedestrians or businesses nearby.
  5. If there is more than one promotion on site, do not get into competition, keep to your own area or agree a system – you are all doing the same job.
  6. Do not approach local business premises and their customers.
  7. Hand-out leaflets to passers-by and invite them to take one. Do not thrust a leaflet into their hands when they have indicated that they are not really interested.
  8. Make satisfactory arrangements to keep the footway clear of any discarded leaflets and, when packing up, ensure that there is no litter associated with your activity up to 50 meters away.
  9. Please ensure you either use public conveniences or only use facilities within shops if you are purchasing items in there at the time.
  10. Keep a copy of your licence with you on site and produce it if requested by a Police Officer, Police Community Support Officer, City Centre Warden, or any officer of City of Lincoln Council or Lincoln BIG.