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Clean, Bright and Welcoming

Lincoln BIG works to make the city a welcoming place. Our team of wardens pro-actively seek to improve city centre spaces and we support other seasonal initiatives throughout the year.

  • Wardens at work
  • Lincoln in Bloom
  • Wardens with tourists
  • Christmas trees on business fronts
  • Wardens at work
  • Wardens at work

City Centre Wardens

Lincoln BIG’s warden team ensure that the city centre is bright and welcoming and raise the quality of experience of the city centre for businesses, residents and visitors.  Our three city centre wardens help to address quality standards, and street management issues throughout the city centre. They provide a caretaking and ambassadorial presence - directly tackling problems such as graffiti and flyposting.

They are also trained in First Aid and defibrillator use and, through their contact with the CCTV team, are often the first line of support to arrive at an incident. The wardens have been involved in several city centre enhancement projects, including Motherby Hill as part of the newly launched Roman trail route.

The Street Management Programme also seeks to foster close working with other services that impact on the city centre, including those delivered by Lincolnshire County Council, the city centre policing team and the City of Lincoln Council - all of whom actively support and make financial contributions to the warden service. 

Lincoln in Bloom

Lincoln BIG is responsible for delivering the Lincoln in Bloom initiative which is supported by over 100 local businesses. We work closely with businesses to create interest, colour and a welcoming street scene for businesses, residents and visitors to the city with a particular focus on summer floral displays and Christmas decorations.

The programme also works with partners to improve poorly maintained areas of land within the city centre, through the use of landscaping and floral features such as street planters and barrier baskets which can make a real difference to the experience of the city centre.

Tender Opportunity

We are currently inviting proposals for the following three high profile schemes:

·         Scheme 1:  Provision and Maintenance of Planters and Troughs

·         Scheme 2: In Bloom

·         Scheme 3: Promotional Banners

Please note that each scheme will be assessed individually as a standalone contract. However, interested parties are invited to submit proposals for one or more of the schemes, particularly if they can demonstrate savings as a result of delivering more than 1 scheme. Details of the tender and locations of the planters are available from the downloads below. The deadline for submission of proposals is 5pm on the 14th February.

Completed submissions and any questions regarding this tender should be addressed/returned to Richard Baxter by phone: 01522 842713 or email to:

File Name Description
Invitation to tender (337KB)
Planter locations (197KB)