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Lincoln IMP Trail

Following the success of previous sculpture trails, Lincoln BIG introduces the Lincoln IMP Trail, which will run during the summer of 2020 across Lincoln city centre.


Lincoln BIG are incredibly excited to introduce the third sculpture trail which will run during the summer of 2020 across Lincoln city centre. This is a mass participation public art event to celebrate Lincoln, its art, culture and heritage.

Lincoln BIG are partnered with Wild in Art, which has supported our earlier trails with its expertise. We are delighted that our chosen Charity Partner is St Barnabas Hospice, which will benefit financially from the Lincoln Imp Trail. Our Education Partner, The EBP (Education Business Partnership), will be working with Lincolnshire schools to help them learn more about the history and significance of this popular mascot for the city. 

Lincoln IMP Trail Aims

  • We aim to bring 500,000 visitors and 1 million social media engagements during the summer of 2020 to show what a great, small city has to offer.
  • We want our visitors to spend time exploring Lincoln’s hidden secrets and generate an economic impact. We aim to engage with 800,000 Lincolnshire residents and 1,000 businesses to engender civic pride and celebrate Lincoln’s diverse history.
  • We aim to engage 35,000 school children in a curriculum learning project.
  • We hope to raise the profile of St. Barnabas and increase funding donations, aiming to raise at least £200k.


We invite artists both professional and amateur, local and national to submit designs for the upcoming Lincoln Imp Trail. Working in collaboration with Wild in Art, we are delighted to bring ‘our IMP’ to provide the perfect canvas to embrace the visual arts. 

The Lincoln Imp Trail comprises of 30 individually designed large sculptures forming a trail across Lincoln to create a fun, free art gallery and take people on a journey of discovery during the summer of 2020.

Working with the Education Business Partnership (EBP) there will be an accompanying education programme to designed to engage with schools in Lincolnshire for their own unique medium sculpture. We hope the event will have a wide appeal and far reaching benefits.

We are looking for inspiring, engaging artwork that celebrates the criteria theme of myths, legends and discovery. We welcome designs in any art form – traditional to new media, fine art to illustrations, graffiti and mosaic, embroidery to metalwork. Whatever the art form, we’re keen to add drama fun and a creative flourish to the Lincoln IMP Trail. If you are commissioned, you will receive an honorarium of £800, excluding VAT, 30% on commission and balance of completion.

Following the event, these public art sculptures are auctioned to raise funds for the St Barnabas Hospice and Lincoln Creates Fund.

With your involvement, we look forward to presenting a creative showcase next summer which will educate and inspire the public about the extraordinary enjoyment of art and creativity.

Closing date for your submissions is Wednesday 20 November 2019 – 4pm.

Artist Information Pack and Submission

  • Click here to download the Artist Information Pack on how to get involved and the terms and conditions.
  • Click here to complete the Googleform Submission.
  • Click here to download the Imp Template for your design.

For any further queries please contact Olivia Dexter at  

We look forward to receiving your designs.


We invite your company to be IMPSpired, get imaginative and celebrate the symbol of Lincoln and sponsor an IMP. Our sponsorship packages offer an excellent return on investment. 

Your company will benefit by:

  • Great brand exposure across Lincoln, Lincolnshire, nationally and internationally
  • Association with a project that makes everyone smile
  • Increase awareness, footfall and ultimately visitor spend in Lincoln
  • Business to business networking over a 12 month period
  • Business to consumer marketing and PR opportunities over a 12 month period
  • Staff engagement and team building opportunities
  • Contributing support for an amazing charity St. Barnabas!

Click here to download the Lincoln IMP Trail Sponsor Pack.