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Lincoln IMP Trail

Due to Covid-19, the IMP Trail is now planned to hit our streets in Spring 2021!


Lincoln BIG are disappointed to have to delay the launch of the IMP Trail, but will be introducing our cheeky chappies to the streets of Lincoln in Spring 2021 when we believe it will be safe to do so.

In the meantime, continue to follow us on social media to keep up to date with the developments we have planned for the Imps between now and the delayed launch date.

This will be our third sculpture trail which will run during the summer and spring of 2021 across Lincoln city centre. This is a mass participation public art event to celebrate Lincoln, its art, culture and heritage.

Lincoln BIG are partnered with Wild in Art, which has supported our earlier trails with its expertise. We are delighted that our chosen Charity Partner is St Barnabas Hospice, which will benefit financially from the Lincoln Imp Trail. Our Education Partner, The EBP (Education Business Partnership), will be working with Lincolnshire schools to help them learn more about the history and significance of this popular mascot for the city. 

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Lincoln IMP Trail Aims

  • We aim to bring 500,000 visitors and 1 million social media engagements during the spring and summer of 2021 to show what a great, small city has to offer.
  • We want our visitors to spend time exploring Lincoln’s hidden secrets and generate an economic impact. We aim to engage with 800,000 Lincolnshire residents and 1,000 businesses to engender civic pride and celebrate Lincoln’s diverse history.
  • We aim to engage 35,000 school children in a curriculum learning project.
  • We hope to raise the profile of St. Barnabas and increase funding donations, aiming to raise at least £200k.


Please get in touch with Sharon Stone to discuss how you can get involved via email: