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Safe and Secure

Lincoln BIG works with businesses around the city centre to ensure a safe and secure experience when trading, shopping or visiting.

  • Daytime Security Manager
  • The busy Lincoln High Street.
  • Daytime Security Manager
  • City Centre Wardens with security guards

Security Group

The Security Group provides the following services free of charge to members within the BID:

  • Membership to the Security Group ‘Shopwatch’ Scheme.
  • Bimonthly Intelligence Meetings.
  • Voluntary Membership to a Civil Recovery Scheme in association with RLP
  • Encrypted radios are also available for under £4.00 a week in association with Lincs Radio
  • Security Group Intranet Access.
  • Access to regional intelligence from NABCP & YHPAC.
  • Free Loss Prevention & Radio Training.
  • Free Defibrillator Training in association with EMAS

It is hoped that these services will help businesses to work in partnership with each other and other agencies to combat crime within their stores. The services are also available outside the BID area, charges apply and are based on the businesses rateable value.

City Centre Safety

The Lasting Support Campaign was launched this year to help combat begging on the streets of Lincoln. The aim is to give any change to the charity boxes placed throughout the city centre rather than into the hand of the individual who more often than not will be spending it on their next drink or fix of drugs. There is also a Just Giving page dedicated to the cause. The campaign runs in association with FrameworkNOMAD and BeAttitude.

A Cycle Safe Scheme has been launched as a result of the rise in cycle theft. A U-lock is available for £20 from Lincoln BIG along with a free Marker Kit and registration onto the National Bike Database if required.

Daytime Security Package

Membership of the ‘Shopwatch’ scheme is part of the Daytime Security Package which is a formal agreement between Lincoln BIG, Lincolnshire Police and the City of Lincoln Council.

Shopwatch members are required to issue Banning Notices to any offenders stopped in store for theft which will then be tracked on the DISC system. When more than two Banning Notices are received by one individual they are sent a Warning Letter by the City of Lincoln Council Anti-Social Behaviour Team. Should they continue to offend, they are issued an Acceptable Behaviour Contract as well as a Lincoln BIG Exclusion Order and further breaches will result in an ASBO or CRASBO.

Intelligence meetings are held bi-monthly allowing Lincolnshire Police, the Council and Lincoln BIG as well as Security Group members to swap useful information.

Free radio training and loss prevention training is offered on request.

A Civil Recovery Scheme is available free of charge which allows businesses to receive compensation for thefts committed in their store as long as the personal information of the offender is known.  There is an administration percentage taken by Lincoln BIG for any monthly payment over £10 but there are no upfront costs to the business and it is 'no win no fee'.