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Lincoln Business Improvement Group (Lincoln BIG) aims to put Lincoln on the map as a retail and tourist destination and improve the experience of the city centre for those who visit, live and work in the city.

Our basic philosophy is that by improving people’s experience of the city centre, they will stay longer, visit more often and it will make the city centre a better place to do business.
You can view our Prospectus for 2010-2015 by clicking here.

4 out of 5 businesses say yes! to continuing the work of Lincoln BIG

We are pleased to confirm the result of the Lincoln BID Ballot for the period 2010-2015

Of 877 ballot papers issued – 467 papers were returned, a turnout of 53.24%

These were made up as follows:

365 Yes votes
97 No votes
5 Spoilt papers

Votes in favour were 79 % excluding spoilt papers

Rateable Value of the Yes votes = £18,376,809 (85%)
Rateable Value of the No votes = £ 3,120,400

Everyone at Lincoln BIG is delighted with this mandate to continue our work and looks forward to both continuing our activities and developing new initiatives to improve Lincoln City Centre over the next 5 years.

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Get in touch
If you would like to speak to us, ask us a question or if you simply want more detailed information, you can contact us on the following:
Tel: 01522 545233
Fax: 01522 545833

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