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City Centre Stories is an outdoor exhibition of crafted augmented reality (AR) artworks created by Brew Projects collaborators Laura Mabbutt and Beth Lambert, with poetry created by Lincoln based poet, Georgia Preece. 

There are nine stop sites at various points around Lincoln’s City Centre. With each stop exploring a Lincoln business and portraying the stories from its past as well as its present. Find out why there was a Snake Pit in Waterstones and why there's artwork growing from a high street shop.

To find each location simply follow the map and look out for the QR code plaques at each site. Participants can then scan the QR code and follow the on screen prompts to bring the artwork to life.

You will need a smart device to access this artwork. This artwork is at its best when enjoyed with head or ear phones, or alternatively please turn up the volume on your smart device. 

For more information, please click here.

We’d like to thank the businesses involved in the project, without their involvement and support, the project couldn’t take place. City Centre Stories inlcudes:

  • 'A Rock Retro Jumper to Share' at Rock Retro

  • 'A Cosy Cup for Contemplation' at Angel Coffee House

  • 'A Musical Street, Now and Then' at the Musicroom

  • 'Lincoln Wool on Tenterhooks' at St Marks Shopping Centre

  • 'George Boole: Grandfather of the Digital Age’ at the House of Fraser

  • 'LCFC Kit through the years' at the Treaty of Commerce

  • 'The Snake Pit' at Waterstones

  • 'Lincoln St Marks Station' at St Marks Square

  • 'Pennel’s Old Seed Shop' at the Lincoln Imp Mural

To find out more about each art piece, click here.

Everyone is invited to the City Centre Stories launch event with a live poetry reading by Georgia Preece and to meet the artists, Laura and Beth. This takes place Saturday 18th March 2023, 1 - 2pm at the Waterside Shopping Centre.

The City Centre Stories project has been made possible with the support of Lincoln Creates, which is a Lincoln BIG initiative supporting new creative art projects in Lincoln City Centre – promoting collaboration between artists and local businesses.


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