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New research ranks best UK locations for AI businesses has released a pioneering research report, AI Business Rankings 2024. This comprehensive analysis identifies the 59 leading towns and cities in the UK for artificial intelligence (AI) enterprises.

Read the full report here:

Evaluating key factors that contribute to a thriving AI ecosystem, the report will be invaluable for a variety of stakeholders, including entrepreneurs and start-up founders looking to establish AI businesses, investors and venture capitalists seeking lucrative opportunities, policymakers and government officials aiming to foster AI development, and educational institutions preparing the future AI workforce.

The report ranks 59 locations across the UK, identifying Cambridge as the top location for AI businesses. The rankings are based on a detailed evaluation of AI-related job vacancies, the number of AI-related businesses, online search volume for AI-related terms, and the 5-year business survival rate.

Top 20 locations for AI businesses:

1. Cambridge
2. Bristol
3. Reading
4. Lincoln
5. Newcastle upon Tyne
6. Southampton
7. Gloucester
8. Slough
9. Oxford
10. London
11. Bournemouth
12. Milton Keynes
13. Chelmsford
14. Warrington
15. Cardiff
16. Exeter
17. Cheltenham
18. Belfast
19. Glasgow
20. Manchester

Key findings from the report include:

  • Cambridge leads the rankings with a balanced performance across various metrics, including a high concentration of AI-related businesses and a significant online search volume for AI-related terms.
  • Bristol and Reading follow closely, with strong showings in AI job vacancies and business density.
  • Smaller locations like Lincoln and Gloucester are emerging as promising locations, offering high business survival rates and growing interest in AI technologies.
  • Slough demonstrates an exceptionally high demand for AI professionals, despite being lower in overall rankings.
  • Exeter and Tunbridge Wells stand out for their impressive business survival rates, indicating supportive environments for sustained business success.

The report also reveals interesting patterns and unexpected points. For instance, London, while having the highest number of AI-related businesses, faces intense competition and lower job vacancy rates per person. Smaller places like Exeter and Tunbridge Wells, despite their size, provide highly supportive environments for AI businesses.

Ranking criteria

The AI Business Rankings 2024 report, researched and written by, evaluates the top cities in the United Kingdom for AI enterprises based on factors such as the number of AI-related job vacancies, the number of AI-related businesses, online search volume for AI-related phrases, and the 5-year business survival rate.

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