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In response to growing concerns over safety and visual clutter on the busy high streets of Lincoln, Lincoln Business Improvement Group (BIG) are working with partners (City of Lincoln, Lincolnshire County Council and Lincolnshire Police) to address the challenges created by delivery vehicles navigating crowded pedestrian areas throughout the day and thereby posing a threat to public safety, and causing a visual eye sore. This is despite the Traffic Regulation Order’s clearly stating that within Lincoln City Centre, there is no loading or unloading allowed from 10am – 4pm every day.

It is understood that delivery drivers play a crucial role in ensuring goods reach their destinations promptly, whether that be hospitality or retail, chain or independent businesses. However, there has clearly been a rise in the number of delivery vans and trucks present on Lincoln’s Highstreet during active pedestrian times, with CCTV recording between 12 – 16 delivery vehicles in the city centre every day in breach of the traffic regulation order..

There are a number of steps that have been taken to bring about change. Signage has been updated to ensure enforcement can take place, the number of official drop off points are being increased and they will be proactively promoted to delivery companies. Enforcement will restart in June 2024 with an initial period of informing those who continue to misuse the area. Strict enforcement will restart the start of July 2024

We are encouraging businesses to make sure their delivery companies are aware of the restrictions being reintroduced and the new drop off points. We will also be reminding the delivery firms directly that there is a risk of invalidating their insurance cover should they fail to take account of the regulations. More information about designated drop off points can be found below

Our aim, and that of partners, has been to make the city centre safer whist not disadvantaging businesses who need items delivered through couriers.  We would now value your support by making sure that the delivery organisation you engage with are made aware of restrictions and letting them know that if needed they can find more information here.


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