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Ask for Angela

The #NoMore campaign takes place each year, raising awareness of Sexual violence & Abuse (SVA) services and promoting a culture change within Lincolnshire.


Part of this campaign is 'Ask for Angela' - a safe way to help you get out of an unsafe situation when in a bar or club setting.

If you feel like you're not in a safe situation, go to the bar and 'Ask for Angela'. The bar staff will help you get out of that situation and call a taxi or help you out discretely, without to much fuss.

Ask for Angela runs at these Lincoln bars, pubs, and clubs:

  • Bierkeller;
  • Cardinal's Hat*;
  • Dog and Bone;
  • Fever and Boutique*;
  • Home*;
  • Horse and Groom;
  • Huckleberrys;
  • Joiner's Arms;
  • Krystals;
  • Mailbox;
  • New Theatre Royal;
  • Red 5;
  • Riley's;
  • Rogue Saint*;
  • Royal William IV;
  • Slug and Lettuce*;
  • Strait and Narrow*;
  • The Anchor;
  • The Curiosity Shop*;
  • The Ritz;
  • The Scene*;
  • The Still;
  • Treaty of Commerce;
  • Trebles*;
  • Vice and Co*;
  • Walkabout;
  • William Foster;
  • Witch and Wardrobe.

Venues marked with * also provide drinks testing on request if you fear your drink has been spiked. Just ask at the bar.

Find out more on the posters below or the Lincolnshire County Council website.