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Glimpse the Imp

A chance to find 16 cheeky chappies hiding around the city. You can take the fun home too and play our Glimpse the Imp game!

From: 4th Dec '20 Until: 23rd Dec '20

The City Centre is being brought to life with a collection of festive themed imps who are hiding in locations around Lincoln from 4th to 23rd December. The Glimpse the Imp trail will provide visitors to the city the opportunity to find 16 festive imps hidden in windows of businesses in the city. The imps will move location, so you can never be certain where one of these mischievous characters will appear!

If you've enjoyed searching for the festive imps around the city, then why not play a game with one of your own? Paint your own imps are available from the Visitor Information Centre in Castle Square, and you and your family can play our game 'hiding and seeking' your imp around your home, using the suggested game available to download from the link below.

File Name Description
Glimpse the Imp game Glimpse the Imp game suggestion​ ()